Locked your phone and forgot your lock code!


I guess not everyone goes through this experience but I had to be a wiseass, you see and I used a locked code on my phone which even I, for the life of me, couldn't recall. As a result I couldn't change SIMs, because then the phone would ask for the lock code which I didn't have. Life was bad.

I tried to be more of a wiseass and tried to use all those unlocking codes (the ones that go #pw+ --- --- ---- +1-7#) but no help. To tell the truth my service provider wasn't there on any of the lists. Maybe that was the problem but anyways, while playing around with my phone in this was (which you should NEVER do) I got the shock of my life when my phone rejected my SIM. I mean I could use only one SIM and if that was to be rejected I was bloody doomed. You can bet I thought the end of days was near.

But after an extensive search on the net I came across a site that actually provided mastercodes for Nokia phones to reset your lock codes for idiots like me who have forgotten or lost their lock codes. This site is just too good I say. Here's the link:

I just thought that it would be good if I put up a link to this site in my site for anyone who might have the same problem as me. Don't mess around with the unlock codes and just use the master code reset.

BTW, I don't bear any responsibility in case of any damage to your phone following my advice. Use it on your own risk.



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